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Stones & Crystals

Stones and crystals of all kinds have been revered throughout history in every major civilization recorded. Their uses are many, and each has a meaning and beauty of its own.

Most people don’t know Dave nearly majored in geology in college. Dave is a relentless rock-hound and a passionate collector. His personal collection is the envy of many stone and crystal connoisseurs. He has been to countless rock shows across the country, sourcing everything from amethyst to zebra calcite. He has a personal penchant for jade as well.

With Dave’s passion driving us, our stores are truly the place to find whatever magical minerals you desire. Each of our employees have their own unique favorites, and we are happy to help you find the stone or crystal that calls to you!

What started as one man’s interest in geology has grown into a store-wide collection of over 100,000 crystals, stones, and locally crafted jewelry available to the public at Dave’s today.

Dave's Health & Nutrition
Dave's Health and Nutrition is a locally owned supplement & crystal market focused on promoting health, healing and holistic living through education, empowerment, and high quality products