3 Healthy Habits to Start Right Now

We tend to set many goals at the beginning of the year for what we hope to accomplish. But we sometimes forget...just because it's not January anymore doesn't mean you can't set new goals or develop better habits now! Maybe you struggle coming up with specific goals or don't know where to start when it comes to nutrition.

If this sounds like you, keep reading! Here's 3 specific habits you can start to better your health and wellness.

1. Don't "leaf" your greens behind

As basic as it sounds, a good habit to get into is eating greens daily! If you struggle eating your greens, another option for you may be to find a supplement. Greens help support the body with detoxing, digestion and energy.

Leafy greens contain fiber which is very important in your diet. Fiber aids in the digestive system, promoting regularity and reducing constipation. On average, adults should be consuming 25-30 grams of fiber each day, which many people aren't getting (Harvard T.H. Chan, 2023). Increasing fiber-rich greens into your diet can help your body get more of the nutrients it needs.

Not much of a leafy-green eater? Supplements can come in the form of powders, capsules, or even gummies. If you struggle trying to eat greens with your meals, trying a supplement may be a good option for you.

Here's some supplement recommendations to get you started:

  1. Ancient Nutrition Organic Super Greens
  2. Sunwarrior Thermo Greens
  3. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein & Greens

All of these greens supplements can be found at Dave's Health & Nutrition.

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2. Take your vitamins

Start taking a multivitamin everyday to help support your body with nutrients it may be missing. Even when eating a healthy diet, we can still miss out on enough key nutrients.

For example, soil depletion can affect the amount of nutrients we get from our foods. In the Scientific American, it says, "Modern intensive agricultural methods have stripped increasing amounts of nutrients from the soil in which the food we eat grows" (2011). Because of this, crops may not contain as many vitamins and minerals as they used to.

Multivitamins can help fill in those nutrient gaps and provide our bodies with energy and ability to function better. We shouldn't solely rely on multivitamins to get our nutrients, but rather use them as a tool to help fill in spots where we may be lacking.

Multivitamins you can try:

  1. New Chapter One Daily Multivitamin
  2. Ancient Nutrition Multi
  3. MegaFood One Daily Multivitamin
  4. Garden of Life Multi Gummies

3. Let's talk Turmeric

Did you know that Turmeric is a great supplement you can take to support a healthy inflammation response, joint, brain, and heart health?

Turmeric is a flowering plant that has been used for centuries in herbal medicine. "In Ayurvedic practices, turmeric is thought to have many medicinal properties including strengthening the overall energy of the body, relieving gas, dispelling worms, improving digestion, regulating menstruation, dissolving gallstones, and relieving arthritis" (Prasad & Aggarwal, 2011).

Turmeric contains curcumin and has also been used as a spice in cooking to enhance flavor. Use turmeric as a ground spice in your food or find a supplement that you can take! Make sure to consult with your doctor about taking turmeric if you have underlying health conditions.

Some Turmeric supplements include:

  1. New Chapter Turmeric Force
  2. Solaray Prosorb Turmeric
  3. Oregon's Wild Harvest Turmeric

Starting these habits helps support many aspects of your health! As simple as some of them seem, it's the little habits that make a big difference over time. It can take awhile to build up a habit to the point it feels like second nature. So try setting reminders in your phone, writing them down, and setting your vitamins on the counter where you can see them.

Another tip to build these habits is to have a specific time of day that you take your vitamins & supplements. If you take them first thing in the morning, stay consistent with that. Your body will start to recognize the habit and it will be easier for you to follow through.

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


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3 EASY Chocolate Protein Shake Recipes

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Each recipe yields about 1 cup.

Mint Chocolate Protein Shake

If you love mint, this mint chocolate shake is perfect for you!!

Add in Blender:

Raspberry Chocolate Protein Shake

If raspberry is more your style, try this raspberry chocolate recipe. The chocolate pairs really well with the raspberry flavor.

Add in Blender:

Peanut Butter Banana Protein Shake

This peanut butter banana recipe is SO good! If you love peanut butter, try this one!!

Add in Blender:

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Disclaimer: these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If conditions persist, please seek advice from your medical doctor.